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Diary of a Kitchen Remodel


So how long does it take to remodel a kitchen?


Well we are going to show a picture Diary of a recent Kitchen remodel!

To start we had a signed contract for the kitchen remodel. The cabinets were ordered and had a 4-6 week lead time and would notify us of a delivery date soon after we ordered, then we can proceed based on the schedule of delivery.

Since we are also installing a new hardwood floor and tile in the entry way at the same time, we will include these items in the diary as well.

The cabinets were ordered we were given a ship date of Feb 17th 2011.

So, We began the project on the job on


Feb 9th at 8am.....DAY 1

kitchen remodel time start cost

We have a 1977 Kitchen that need to change. Formica countertops and linoleum flooring will also be changed. Take note of the Single Ball light fixture in the kitchen.

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Take note of the soffits, these will be removed as well.

how long to remodel cost

The kitchen for being over 34 years old doesn't look that bad for its age......but is VERY dated.

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So by 11am DAY 1 - the kitchen has been removed!

remodel my dated kitchen demolition cost

TRIMPAK in action!


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We removed the drywall from the ceiling to get rid of the soffits and to allow easier installation of the new can lights. This also can be easier than a series of patches for the drywall guys.

cost time to remodel my a kitchen

Plastic of the area to reduce dust to the rest of the home during construction.

cost to remdel cost to demolish my kitchen cabinets

cost time to remodeling my kitchen 30 days

Day 1 is done. The old kitchen has been removed and the reconstruction can now begin!



DAY 3 - Feb 12, 2011

day 3 remodel my kitchen cost time to remodeling

Can lights have been installed, electric has been run for the under cabinet lighting and a new gas line has been run under the house for the new dual fuel oven and cooktop.

drywal cost to remodel my kitchen can lights

electrical under cabinet lighting drywall remodeling kitchen

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Day 3 has the kitchen ready for taping of the drywall and texture and then painting of the walls to be ready for the Feb 17th 2011 scheduled cabinet delivery.

Day 8 - Cabinets are scheduled for delivery

Feb 17th ,2011


OH no, we got a call from the cabinet company and due to weather, will not be delivering until next week!

Things happen during a remodel! We hope they can deliver next week!

Day 15 - Feb 24, 2011 - Cabinet Delivery!

cabinet delivery remodel my kitchen cost time

Lots of cabinets!

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Since cabinets arrived at mid day. We will begin installation tomorrow.

Day 16 - Cabinet installation Begins! Feb 25, 2011

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The Granite countertops begin as well!

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Granite top with Ogee edge detail.

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Day 21 - March 2, 2011

tile entry floor remodeling remodel cost time

Tile is moving along on the entry floor

hardwood flooring dining room remodel cost time

Dining room hardwood florring is installed.

tile backsplash remodel cost time kitchen

Tile Backsplash is underway!

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hardwood flooring remodeling cost time

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The Tile and granite countertops look great together!

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Day 23 - March 3, 2011

cabinets cost ktime kitchen remodeling

We added cabinet doors to the backside and the ends of all of the cabinets. Makes a nicer, richer look

and avoids the huge flat panels of plywood showing. All cabinets have soft close doors and drawers.

kitchen cost time remodel

Hardwood flooring is complete!

hardwood flooring cost time to install

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Crown mouling trimmed out the tops of the cabinets nicely.

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Entry tile is complete

kitchen remodel cost delta faucet touch

We installed the new Delta Touch faucet! So with dirty hands you can touch it with a wrist and it will turn on the water.

cabinet diary remodel time cost

hardwood flooring install cost time


Day 25 - March 5th, 2011 - WE ARE DONE!

hardwood flooring dining room cost time

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Modern kitchen in under 30 days! The under cabinet lighting is on a switch.

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The Entryway and dining room have a new look!

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We were in the house for a total of 25 days!


If the Cabinets had not been delayed, that would have been only 18 days!


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From a kitchen like this...............

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To This.............................................

kitchne 25 days cost remodel

kitchen remdeling cost time 25 days

tile backsplash under cabinet lighting

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