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Cabinets - Reface or Replace?


Reface or Replace? The term refacing refers to the process of changing the face, or look, of your home office, entertainment center, bathroom and kitchen cabinets by installing new doors and drawer fronts, and changing the appearance of the face frames of the cabinets to a new stain, and quite often a new wood species. Cabinet refacing is generally more ecologically sound than full scale kitchen remodeling, since the amount of debris put in the landfill is generally cut by almost three quarters. Ecologically sound materials such as bamboo can be selected to replace the outmoded hardwood or laminate doors and fronts.
Most companies here in Reno, Nevada that perform a refacing service use thin layers of wood veneers, PVC plastics, or laminates to put on top of your existing cabinet frames to give it a new face or appearance. The work is very similar but you need to understand which technique they plan to use before you agree to have the work done. The process of refacing, using veneers etc. is very labor intensive and has many limitations, such as a substantial amount of cabinet preparation that needs to take place in order to properly reface your cabinets, a limited amount of stain or color choices, and a limited amount of wood species available. The plastics and laminates used do not look exactly like wood and quite often do not match very well with the new wood colors.

Real Wood Refacing

However, a new way to reface cabinets has been developed that eliminates many of the limitations that cabinet refacing companies have faced in the past. The newest and best way to reface cabinet face frames is by using real wood.
To self-described cabinet experts like Nevada Trimpak Inc., who are located in Reno, Nevada, using real wood on the face of existing cabinets to go along with the real wood doors and drawer fronts makes perfect sense. The wood stains better, lasts longer, is much easier to apply, and has a more natural looking finish than the veneers that are currently being used. We have refaced using veneers, the old traditional method, and trust us, using real wood products is better in every sense than using wood veneers, or laminates. Being in the Reno, Nevada cabinet industry for years has given us the opportunity to see thousands of jobs, many of them refacing jobs.
Getting Started In summary, if your cabinets are old and out of date, if you are tired of the same look day in and day out, or maybe you have nice countertops and fixtures that you don't want to tear out, consider refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them.
You should look for a cabinet company that is diversified in the industry and specializes in refacing as well as new cabinetry. Moreover, if your choice is to reface your cabinets, then the obvious choice is using real wood on the face of your cabinets. Here in Northern Nevada, there is only one place to go for cabinet refacing and/or new cabinets, and that is Nevada Trimpak, Inc.
Nevada Trimpak is Reno, Nevada's premier cabinet refacing company. We can use the old methods of refacing your cabinets, using nothing but veneers and laminates, or we can introduce you to the REAL WOOD advantage, and take you "Beyond Expectations" by using real wood products on your cabinet refacing project. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Replacing your kitchen cabinets could be a big investment according to the quality that you are looking for and the size of your kitchen.

People who wish to improve the look of their kitchen usually are not aware of all the alternatives to renewing their cabinets. Other than re-painting them, have them replaced entirely or a more extensive re-modeling, you can achieve a brand new looking kitchen through the process of refacing.

When it's not a good idea to reface:

• If saving 40% to 60% compared to replacing it is not important to you
• If you don't mind having workers in your house – sometimes for a week or so.
• The inside of your cabinets (boxes) are worn out, cracked, rotten etc.
• The layout of your kitchen it is not working for you any more so you want to drastically change the configuration. (Minor changes or adding extra cabinets like an island or a pantry are still possible with the refacing service).

How does refacing works?

The boxes are not removed so the layout of the kitchen remains essentially the same. The cabinet doors are matched to the existing material, however, with the goal to insure that any of the old deteriorated color is not visible.

The finished result will be a brand new kitchen at a fraction of the cost. The only part that stays "old" is the inside of your boxes. (The inside of this "new" kitchen might not be white, however, in most cases, cabinet interiors don't match the exterior surfaces 99.9% of the time, anyways.

Installing crown molding, light valances, fluted fillers, cabinet posts and numerous decorative moldings of matching material are other possible upgrade options if you want to go the extra mile. The functionality of your kitchen could also be improved by installing soft closing pull-out drawers, pots and pans drawers, or a lazy susan etc. The entire job typically lasts from 3 to 6 working days according to the size of your kitchen and all the while, you can still prepare dinner for the family because the appliances won't be touched. (Save a few $$ on restaurant expenses).

Advantages of refacing

• It's valuable because you will get the result you want with half of the cost.
• It's painless and fast because there is no disruption
• It's convenient if you want to save your existing counter top especially if it's granite or any other solid surface.

Different options

There are basically four main different options in choosing the material to reface your kitchen cabinets.

• Wood: many different species are available that can be combined with different stains and door styles – the sky is the limit. It's the most obvious way to go if you want to impress as well as have a look that will last through the years. Wood cabinets are not suggested if you don`t appreciate the inconsistency of a natural product.

• Thermo foil: a very good way to go for a kitchen in a condo or small house, or if you want to have a solid color look with the consistency that only vinyl can provide. It is however, not the best option if you want it to last for many years.

• Laminate: the most economical way to go but not the richest looking. Ideal for a modern, minimalistic look.

The best way to make sure you are choosing the right company is what everybody recommends – references, references and references. Phone people and ask them if it`s possible to see the final product and stay away from companies that are not willing to give you references.

Do you just cringe when you walk into your kitchen? Do you feel like no matter how much you clean and scrub it just never looks nice? It might be time to make some changes to your kitchen and you might want to start with the cabinets. You basically have two options when it comes to changing your cabinets, either complete cabinet replacement or just refacing your cabinets.

Cabinet Replacement

You can replace your cabinets with a wide variety of options. The first option would be through the stock cabinets. These cabinets you can purchase at the store and it's easy assembly and easy install but not a lot of leeway when it comes to customizing. The materials may be limited as well. Your second option of replacing cabinets would be the semi-customized cabinets. These cabinets can also be purchases but they come with more options. You may be able to add a little more customized look to your kitchen without paying top dollar. Or you could do fully customizable cabinets which means you choose the material, the layout, and the overall look of all your cabinets in your kitchen. This method of course is the most expensive method.

Cabinet Refacing

Your base cabinets and shelves may be in pretty good condition and maybe they just need a slight lift and makeover. There are plenty of options when it comes to refacing your cabinets. You can start with deciding if you can just refinish the wood cabinets or repaint the laminate cabinets that you have. Just a small touch of paint can add a whole new look to a kitchen. Adding a few bronze, brass or stainless steel handles and knobs can add beauty to your kitchen.

Let's face it, there are choices out there in who can do your work. Most of our competitors are doing the veneer method and we have read about the quality issues that can occur with that method. Get the REAL WOOD ADVANTAGE by having the face frames replaced! We have been doing Custom Carpentry for many years now and want nothing more than happy customers.

Let's Reface your Kitchen Cabinets Today!

We Can Transform Your Kitchen and make it part of you home rather than someplace you don't want guests to see!

We can turn ideas into reality!

We can turn ideas into reality!

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