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Entry Doors, Exterior Doors, French Doors, Interior Doors. Wood, Fiberglass or Clad which ones should I use?


The choices are many when it come to doors. We have installed Doors, Mouldings & Trim in Production Home, Apartments, Condominiums and Custom Homes for over 25 years now. The choices begin with maintenance. With Wood Doors, If they are exposed, it will require a lot more maintenance. What type of weather do you experience in your area. In the Reno, NV area. Winds and extreme temps make wood doors only with some structure protection good to face the elements. If you install a clad door, they can dent easily. You can repair them like you would a car dent, with bondo. As for Fiberglass, they do not dent like cald and they can look pretty nice and to many will look like wood but not have the swelling problems associated with wood doors.

Depending on what you like. We can discuss your options.

When you add the wood, clad, fiberglass options to Single versus double doors and also 6'8" tall vesus 8' tall doors. There are many choices to make. We can help!

We will base it on the style you like, the location of the doors and other factors to come up with what works best for you and your home.

We can also show you some of the latest doors that are available to meet your budget.


Change out the Entry Door

Install French Doors instead of the sliding glass door unit.

Install French Doors where a window is now!

Change the interior doors of your home.

Change the hardware on your doors.

Whatever you choose to do, we can help!


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